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"The past four years have been extremely challenging. Together we survived the City's economic crisis and recession brought on by the State of California. As your Mayor I reduced government, avoided bankruptcy, balanced our budget, and put Stanton on the path for economic recovery without endangering our local police and firefighter services. I kept my commitment to improve the communication and understanding between the City, the business community, and you the residents and taxpayers," Carol Warren, Mayor of Stanton.

As a council, we successfully guided Stanton out of its Financial Crisis with a balanced budget and:

• Kept Public Safety a First Priority with Police & Firefighters
• Developed Stanton's successful economic recovery plan
• Protected Stanton's economic future by restoring City reserves
• Reopened City Parks and Police Station with community support
• Generated local jobs through business growth and community development
• Continued support for local educational programs to fight gangs & drugs
• Reduced the cost of government with NO new taxes
• Reduced crime 70% over the past 4 years
• Keeping our families safe
• Used local tax dollars for a new fire station, police station renovation, central park, City maintenance facility and street repair
• Created the Stanton Business Alliance program to assist our local business owners
• Increased property values by building new homes
• Restored Citywide special events with volunteers and private funding

A leadership record I am proud of

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Carol Warren
Elect Carol Warren, Mayor

Proud member of Team Stanton.
Al Ethans
Re-elect Al Ethans, Councilman

Proud member of Team Stanton.